"Friends of Jazz Stream"

Halcro strives for musical accuracy; we prefer to hear what was originally recorded & not tamper with the sound through coloration, which while they may idealize one instrument, tend to be cloud the sound. We believe that the ideal musical reference is the live, unamplified recording of acoustic instruments with no compression or limiting employed in the recording. Because once compression is employed the true timbre is lost. As music lovers, we seek out compelling performances (both musically & sonically) from all over the world. We have championed multi-channel music for many years; we relish the MC immerse experience.

David Keefer's recording of Greta Matassa "Live At Tula's" in Seattle is one of those rare finds. The recording is so naturally dynamic and the musical interpretation of standards so compelling that you will be unable to use this as background music, rather it screams at you for your attention. My advice is to pour a fine Irish Whiskey for your beloved & yourself, turn off the lights and relax into a wonderful hours entertainment at Tula's Club. Highly recommended.

Keep up the good work

Philip O' Hanlon
On a Higher Note, LLC

Dear David Keefer:

I want to thank you for producing one of the best recordings I have heard. Great Matassa "Live at Tula's" is how a recording is suppose to be made. This recording puts me in the room and when I close my eyes and listen I feel I am really there. We like the recording so well we use it as one of our main demo CDs at CES. I look forward to listening to many more recording from Jazz Stream Records.

Mark Markel
Analysis Plus, Inc.
106 1/2 East Main Street
Flushing, MI 48433 U.S.A.

www.analysis-plus.com (audio & video web site)
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"What an album, it is both a music lover's and
audiophile's delight. The band is "tight" in the
best sense of the word and Greta has a voice and
delivery that must be heard. Outstanding!!!!"

Keep up the good work

Bill Witherspoon
Epiphany Audio